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Group Functional Fitness

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Personal Training

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Fitness is 20% your activity and 80% nutrition, get the results you want with our Nutrition program.

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Brooke Marstons success story

Brooke Marston

6 years at Altius Fitness and Nutrition

Almost two years ago, I made the decision to quit making excuses about what I was putting into my body and actually start doing the things I knew would be better. Charles put together a template for me, outlining what I should be eating and when. Measurin...

Heather Herberts success story

Heather Herbert

4 years at Altius Fitness and Nutrition

I started at Altius in the first Women’s Only class (yes, you read that correctly, Women Only) and let me tell you walking through these doors was one of the best decisions of my life.  The transition to regular class after the Women’s 6-week course ...

Aaron and Betsy Bentons success story

Aaron and Betsy Benton

2 years at Altius Fitness and Nutrition

When my husband asked me to sign up for a CrossFit fundamentals class I laughed, you're kidding, right? When I was done laughing I said absolutely not. My husband grew up weight lifting and playing sports, I am the most uncoordinated person who ever live...

Amanda Teacheys success story

Amanda Teachey

3 years at Altius Fitness and Nutrition

My journey at Altius Fitness starts on the coattails of my husband's. I was working out at a globo gym and had trouble staying motivated and consistent with my workouts. He convinced me to join in on one community holiday workout and I was hooked! The c...

Lizzette Bahamons success story

Lizzette Bahamon

3 years at Altius Fitness and Nutrition

I love Altius Fitness and Nutrition.  I love the weights, the running and the people who make up this fantastic group.  Working out is my time to leave work and family behind for a little while and focus on becoming a better me.  The coaches and member...

Lisa Sun

2 years at Altius Fitness and Nutrition

I cannot say enough about the community at Crossfit Altius. Starting with leadership from the coaches, to all the gym members, the fun, encouraging, and genuinely supportive environment is second to none. No matter your level of fitness, you will find you...

Christina Parrishs success story

Christina Parrish

7 years at Altius Fitness and Nutrition

There is much that could be said about Altius being a clean environment with knowledgeable trainers and solid group fitness classes, but Altius Fitness and Nutrition is so much more than that. Altius is a family. They understand that as a human you go ...

Brian Marstons success story

Brian Marston

7 years years at Altius Fitness and Nutrition

I have been an Altius member for more than 7 years and during this time have grown so much as an athlete and total person. I love the community the most because we are diverse in so many ways, yet we are like minded in prioritizing our health to be the b...

Julie Jacksons success story

Julie Jackson

5 years at Altius Fitness and Nutrition

Altius is more than a gym to us, they are friends & family who genuinely care about you and help you become the best version of yourself, not just physically but mentally as well. Physical fitness is taught as doing the movement well, if a certain mo...