Brooke Marston

"I only wish I had not waited so long to start"

Brooke Marston
Brooke Marston

Almost two years ago, I made the decision to quit making excuses about what I was putting into my body and actually start doing the things I knew would be better. Charles put together a template for me, outlining what I should be eating and when. Measuring and keeping track of my food was a completely different thing for me. I had been used to “eyeballing” everything. Consequently, I knew very little about (or could easily deny) what was actually entering my body on a regular basis. My body was not consistently getting the fuel it needed to function properly. The change, although challenging at first, has become a way of life now. I feel healthier, have more energy, recover better and sleep more soundly. As scary as it was to acknowledge where I needed help and to accept the accountability that came with it, I would never want to go back to how I was living before. I only wish I had not waited so long to start.

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