Amanda Teachey

"I was working out at a globo gym and had trouble staying motivated"

Amanda Teachey

My journey at Altius Fitness starts on the coattails of my husband’s. I was working out at a globo gym and had trouble staying motivated and consistent with my workouts. He convinced me to join in on one community holiday workout and I was hooked! The community at Altius Fitness cannot be matched. I have spent the last three years working out surrounded by a group of people that challenge and encourage me to be better both as an athlete and as a person. Our members have become like a second family to us, and the box is our sanctuary where we can cope with stress and loss, have challenging conversations, get in some good laughs, and look ridiculous while we attempt new gymnastics movements :) The owners and coaching staff at AF are truly invested in our success. They will get to know your personal goals, will help you work to achieve them, and then will empower you to step outside of your comfort zone to surpass them. Altius Fitness has taught me that there is always room to improve, and that it IS okay for women to have muscles :)

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