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“People fail to achieve mastery, not because they aren’t talented, but because they aren’t disciplined.” – Daniel Pink

Our greatest strength as humans: malleability.

Like play-dough, the human being can mold and remold to whatever it desires. It’s incredible when you really think about it.

Yet over time we can forget that, and say things like “I’m too old for that”, or, “I’ll never be able to do that”. Our play-dough stays in a certain form for so long, it hardens. And we can barely move it, if at all.

However, with a single droplet of water at a time, one can start to soften the play-dough. The play-dough moves again, restored.

We must remember that play-dough will always be play-dough. We just need to bring the discipline, patience, and hard work… and we’ll take the shape of whatever we seek to be.

Question of the Day


What childhood toy do you wish you could still play with from time to time?



1 Minute

Easy Bike

Glute Bridges

Lateral Box Step-ups (30s Each Leg)

40 Seconds

Moderate Bike

Single Leg Glute Bridges (20s Each Leg)

Box Facing Step-ups

30 Seconds

Faster Bike

Glute Bridge Walkouts

Slow Air Squats

Barbell Warmup

5 Good Mornings

5 Back Sqauts

5 Elbow Rotations

5 Strict Press & Reach

5 Romanian Deadlifts

5 Front Squats

Paused Back Squat


Take 15 minutes to build to a heavy complex:

1 Pausing Back Squat (3 Seconds)

1 Back Squat



1 Round

6 Slamballs

5 Calorie Assault Bike

4 Single Dumbbell Box Step-ups (2 Each Side)

Step Aerobics (Time)

3 Rounds For Time:

30 Slamballs (30/20)

20/14 Calorie Row

10 Single Dumbbell Box Step-ups (Each Side)

Box: 24/20

Dumbbell: 50/35

The standards for the slamball are hands above the head and slamming the ball on the ground, not dropping it from overhead.

Athletes should choose a weight here that they can complete the 30 reps unbroken when fresh and within 3 sets during the workout


Athletes will use a single dumbbell for the box step-ups. They can hold the dumbbell however is most comfortable for them. We’ll alternate legs every rep for a total of 20. Athletes should choose a weight here that they won’t have to break at all during the workout. Adjust weight or box height at needed.


If short on rowers, stagger athletes by 2 minutes

Cool Down


Banded Lat Stretch 1 minute per side

Wall Hip Stretch 2 minutes

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