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3 Rounds of Rowling:

— Over/under 100m = Reps of Burpee penelty

Form Discussion

Handstand work. We will spend 10 mins working on being inverted.

ie. if you can do handstand holds and or HSPU work on shoulder taps. If you can do shoulder taps work on kicking up in the middle of the floor. If you can walk up the wall work on holding for :30 a time. If you can’t kick up on the wall work on that.

Metcon (Time)

For time:

21 Push Press, 0.75x bodyweight

42 Row Calories

15 Push Press, 0.75x bodyweight

30 Row Calories

9 Push Press, 0.75x bodyweight

18 Row Calories
*Rx+ as written

*Rx as .50x bodyweight

*scale as needed beyond .50x

Metcon (Time)

50 Band Pull Aparts

50 Push-ups

50 AbMat Sit-ups

*Not for Time, accumulate the reps

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