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“No one was ever wise by chance” – Seneca

Let’s pretend we have two individuals out hiking in the woods.

The first trips over a root, and after scrambling back to his feet, kicks the root in frustration and storms off. The second individual trips over the very same root as well, but has a different response. After gathering himself, he looks around, refreshing himself of the importance to scan the path ahead. He then moves on, now paying closer attention to the ground in front of him.

One took the effort to learn from it, one did not.

Wisdom isn’t by chance… it is by choice.


# WOD BRIEF + GROUP WARMUP (0:00 – 12:00)

## 30 Seconds

Toe Touch to Overhead Reach

Push-up to Down Dog

Active Samson

Active Spidermans

## As a Team

400 Meter Plate Run

200 Meter Empty Sled Push

*One person carrying or pushing weight at a time. Everyone has to get a turn before the team returns.

Family Fued (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Class Divides Into 2 Even Teams:


50 Meter Sled Push (90/45)

100 Meter Plate Run (45/25)

200 Meter Run

* Split class into 2 even teams

* Each team has only one sled, but multiple Weight Plate (or weighted objects) for their runs

* Sled is the only station that can’t have multiple athletes moving on it

* Athletes can “lap” each other

* Once you finish the sled, you move directly to the Plate Run, and then directly to the run with no rest

* Only rest would be waiting for the sled to become available

Cool Down

Group Walk

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