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Olympic Warm Up #1 (No Measure)

Oly Warm Up

-jump in place x10

-jumping jacks x10

-jump in place x10

-high knees x10

-butt kicks x10

-vertical arm swing x10

-horizontal arm swing x10

-wrist circles x10

-ground wrist stretch x30 sec

-pvc pass thru x10

-pvc hip rotations x10

-pvc hip bends x10

-leg kicks x10 each leg

-hip swings x10 each leg

-sampson stretch x30 sec each leg

-pvc straight leg toe touch x10

-pvc behind neck press x10

-pvc back squat x10

-empty bar straight leg toe touch x5

-empty bar behind neck press x5

-empty bar back squat x5

Power Snatch + OHS (2+1 x6 @70%)

2 power snatch followed into OHS with 3 second hold in bottom

Power Clean and Jerk (1+1 x6 @70%)

Power Clean and then Power (Push) Jerk

Supp 1

Banded Good Mornings

3×20 with heaviest band

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