Athlete of the MonthAugust

Jonathan Ferrell

Years at Altius Fitness and Nutrition: 1

Congratulations Jonathan!

What led you to Functional Fitness? 

I plateaued in my previous workout routine and was finding it hard to make progress.  Additionally, I found my cardio shape was limiting the amount of MTB riding I could accomplish in one sitting, which was frustrating.  Being aware of some of the movements associated with the Functional Fitness approach I felt it could help me get past the plateau and improve my cardio.


What have you liked most about being part of the Altius family so far?

A true no judgement experience.  From the time I first arrived I was accepted no matter my current fitness level or capabilities.


What do you feel like you have gained since starting Functional Fitness or starting with Altius?

Overall strength and cardiovascular shape. I’ve improved my MTB abilities, not by spending more time riding, but through function fitness.


What is your favorite workout so far? 

Any workout that includes the assault bike.


What do you hope to accomplish in the future with Altius Fitness and Nutrition? 

Continue to make improvements in each lift/exercise, finish my 2020 goals



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