Athlete of the MonthJuly

Erika Montgomery

Years at Altius Fitness and Nutrition: 8

Congratulations Erika!

What led you to Functional Fitness?

I found Functional Fitness back in 2012.   As a former competitive swimmer from the age of 3, I have always loved challenging myself and working on getting better every day. I took my sport through college where I happily hung up my swimsuit and entered the real world of being a retired athlete.  I competed in triathlons and even completed a full Ironman, but I would go from loving to hating working out far too quickly. I tried teaching Les Mills classes but got sick of practicing and memorizing workouts in my living room.  After my ankle surgery that left me unable to work out and bedridden for weeks on end, I had officially hit a slump that proved hard to get out of. Towards the end of my recovery, I would go to the gym and just swim. I was trying to propel myself into being motivated and loving working out again, but this was harder than expected. I had heard of CrossFit from a few different friends and it sounded like something I would like, but I pictured a bunch of huge dudes lifting weights and me looking like a fool. While sitting in the Greensboro Airport I ran into a friend from the Les Mills world who was obsessed with CrossFit and told me to give it a shot, I finally decided to give it a go. I started my journey a few weeks later and haven’t looked back ever since.

What have you liked most about being part of the Altius family so far?

Every single day at Altius Fitness and Nutrition a coach will sincerely ask, how are you today?  That one question has meant the most to me since starting with AFN.  You know the coaching staff cares and is concerned with what is going on with each member.

What do you feel like you have gained since starting Functional Fitness or starting with Altius?

Every day I am surrounded by a diverse group of people who encourage me in ways I never thought possible. I have found myself lifting more weight than ever before, even I was a collegiate athlete. I am surrounded by people young and old, all different skill levels, personalities, and goals – we all cheer for one another, support one another, and care for one another. These are the people who encourage me and pick me up off the ground after a tough workout.

I attribute my sanity to Altius Fitness and Nutrition and find that it has positively impacted my life in so many ways. I am so grateful for this group that has become my family and my friends This community of people has made me fall in love with working out again.

 What is your favorite workout so far?

Every 2:00 x 6 sets

10 Pull-ups

15 Slam Balls

1:30 Rest b/t Sets

What do you hope to accomplish in the future with Altius Fitness and Nutrition?

My biggest goal to continue to achieve at AFN is to be a role model for my daughter. The environment and community that AFN fosters are encouraging of strong women which makes me want to teach my daughter that she can be empowered by growing through strength and ability.

I want to continue my progress and work towards moving forward in my weightlifting and gymnastic ability, come on ring muscle-ups :)


‘I am tomorrow what I establish today.  I am today what I established yesterday’

-James Joyce


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