CrossFit Altius – CrossFit


Banded Hamstring Stretch

3 min Bike or Row

3 Rounds

10 toy soldier

50Ft High Knees

50ft Butt Kickers

10 Hip extentions on GHD

Deadlift (7×3)

This should be climbing. First set you can count is 65% of your 1 rep max

Metcon (Time)

5 rounds for time of:

-5 Double Kettlebell Cleans, 53/35 lbs

-Double Kettlebell Front Rack Carry, 53/35 lbs, 50 ft

-Double Kettlebell Overhead Carry, 53/35 lbs, 50 ft

-5 Double Kettlebell Cleans, 53/35 lbs

Cool Down

Cool Down

Banded Hammie Stretch

-2 min/side


CrossFit Altius – CrossFit


3 Min Bike or Row

2 Rounds:

20 Plyo skiers (1 or 2 #45 plate)

10 goblet squats

10 dynamic claves

50ft Skip

50ft lunge lunge, squat squat

Kelly (Time)

5 Rounds for time of:
400m Run
30 Box Jumps, 24” / 20”
30 Wall-Ball Shots, 20# / 14#
*scale reps of each movement if needed.

*scale run to 400m


TIME CAP 45 mins

Cool Down

Samson Stretch

:90 sec/side

Smash/Roll Calves on KB handle

:90 sec/side


CrossFit Altius – CrossFit


3 Rounds Rowling *meters over

or under 100= burpees

3 Rounds:

5 Broad jump (focus on hip ext)

5 Barbell Strick press

5 Barbell Good Morning

5 Roll over vsit

Metcon (Time)

30-20-10 reps, for time of:

Hang Clean & Jerk, 115/75 lbs

Row Calories

Cool Down

Easy Row/Ride/Jog

5 min

Roll/Smash Hammies/Upper Back

2 min/side


CrossFit Altius – CrossFit


3 mins bike/row

3 rds:

10 jump squat

10 walking lunge

:30 deep squat hold

Back Squat (1×20)

20 to 25 minutes to find a heavy set of 20 reps back squat. If you went heavy last week try to match it. If you went lighter try to add 5 to 10 lbs to this week.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

3 rounds not for time of:

10 Strict Toes To Bars

20 Banded Good Mornings

Plank Hold, 30 secs
*Scale to Kipping T2B/Strict knee raise/T2KB

*Take your time and challenge yourself on the movements and stay in good form

Cool Down

2 min couch stretch per side


CrossFit Altius – CrossFit


Run Rabbit Run

3 rounds *Each person does each

part 3x

Partner 1 runs 200 m (rabbit)

Partner 2: 10 wall ball, 5 Kip swing

Partner 3: 3 inch worm with

push up, 5 PVC Pass through, 5


Metcon (Time)

21-15-9 reps, for time of:

Thruster, 95/65 lbs

Chest-to-bar Pull-up

Overhead Squat, 95/65 lbs

Hand Release Push-Up
Teams of 3

-Perform like a conga line. Teams pick the order, as soon as partner 1 moves to the ctb pull up partner 2 can start the thruster and so on. Perform until all 21-15-9 are complete

*Scale weight and/or reps to 15/12/9

Goal: Just get it done

Cool Down

Roll/Smash Lats/Quads:

2 min/side


CrossFit Altius – CrossFit


2 Minute Deep squat hold*

*1 minute with a light wt plate hold

1 min without plate (when you

drop the plate, try to maintain a

neutral spine and avoid falling)

2 Min Banded Front Rack (1 min per arm)

3 Min Bike or Row

Burg Warm up. (down and finish) (elbows high outside) (muscle clean) (4 in drop) (6 in drop) (power clean)

Hang squat clean + Front Squat (7×1)

Hang squat clean + 2 front squats
Use the heaviest weight you can for each set. You can climb or go across.

*You will have 25 mins to complete

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

Med Ball Slam Intervals

*Interval is 1 min of work followed

by 1 min of rest for 3 intervals. You pick load

Score is the total reps performed in each of the intervals.


CrossFit Altius – CrossFit


3 rounds

5 Ring row

10 single leg Deadlift (5/leg)

8 Windmills (4/arm)

15/10 calorie Bike or row

Metcon (Time)

4 rounds for time of:

21 AbMat Sit-ups

3 Rope Climbs

1 Deadlift, 315/225 lbs

Cool Down

Couch Stretch

2 min/side

Roll Psoas

2 min/side


CrossFit Altius – CrossFit


Foam Roll Lats and Upper Back for 4 mins

2 Rounds:

10 Band Pull aparts

5 PVC Pass through

5 Kip Swing

30 Singles or Doubles

Burg warm up Snatch (down and finish) (elbows high outside) (muscle snatch) (2 in drop) (4 in drop) (6 in drop)

Metcon (Time)

1 round for time of:

25 Hang Power Snatches, 135/95 lbs

25 Toes-to-bars

25 Hang Power Snatches, 135/95 lbs

25 Toes-to-bars
TIME CAP 25 mins

Supp 1


50 Band Pull Apart


CrossFit Altius – CrossFit


Bike Or row 3 Min

3 Rounds:

2 Muscle up transition from low rings

1 Wall Walk

5 KB Deadlift

5 Russian KB swing

Nate (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

20-Minute AMRAP of:

2 Muscle-ups

4 Handstand Push-ups

8 Kettlebell Swings, 70#
In honor of Chief Petty Officer Nate Hardy, who was killed Sunday February 4th during combat operations in Iraq.
To learn more about Nate click here
*scale to

2 pull ups + 2 dips

2 wall walks

8KBS, 53/35


Hollow Hold

3 x :30 sec

Cool Down

Roll/Smash Glutes and Hammies

2 min/side


CrossFit Altius – CrossFit


Banded Shoulder Stretch :60 each side

3 Rounds: Barbell complex

5 Deads


5 FS

5 Push press or Push jerk

5 Good Morning

Metcon (Time)

For time:

10 Clean & Jerks, 135/95 lbs

10 Clean & Jerks, 155/105 lbs

10 Clean & Jerks, 185/135 lbs
*Scale to complete in less than 8 mins

*TIME CAP 12 mins

Back Squat (1×20)

Find a heavy set of 20 reps in 20 mins

*Start of new Strength Program

Week 1